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CrossFire is a F2P (free to play) FPS (first-person shooter) in which you can compete online against millions of other players around the world.

Gameplay in CrossFire is very similar to that in the classic game Counter Strike. This time around, there are two different bands of mercenaries, Black List and Global Risk, head-to-head in a conflict affecting the entire world. You, of course, must align yourself with one or the other.

Like other online shooting games, CrossFire has various different playing modes - more than a dozen in all. Some of the best include classics like Team Deathmatch and Zombie Mode, as well as new favorites like Mutation Mode and Shadow Mode. All of them are played in one of more than twenty well-designed levels.

Before you start playing, you have the chance to personalize your character's appearance and weapons. There are all kinds of upgrades available for the over twenty different weapons in the game, including pistols, lightweight machine guns, shotguns, rifles, and many more.

At the end of each game in CrossFire, you are awarded with experience and other rewards according to how well you played. This is how you gain levels and can buy upgrades for your in-game avatar. Of course, you also have the option to invest real money to buy upgrades.

CrossFire is a massive multiplayer first-person shooting game, and it's no accident that over 400 million users have already signed up. It's an outstanding game for its genres, with tons of possibilities for anyone who wants to shoot off a few rounds.
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